I’ve always made it my priority to fight for our communities and the issues that matter most to our constituents. And I’ve worked with partners at all levels of government to see to it that those issues were addressed. But Lee Zeldin has abdicated that responsibility. He’s ignored us and he’s ignored the issues we care about. That’s why I’m running – because this race was too important to sit out and allow Zeldin to get another free pass at another term.

Zeldin has advocated for cuts to the EPA and supported a leader there who denies well-founded climate science, while our dunes breach and our sea levels rise. He voted to take away healthcare from tens of thousands of First District residents, while premiums increase and prescription drug costs go through the roof. And he voted against lifting the cap on the SALT tax deduction, while our taxes go up because of this irresponsible policy enacted by the Trump administration.

The list goes on – Zeldin advocated for a fifty state reciprocal concealed carry policy in the face of a gun violence epidemic. And he signed a brief to the Supreme Court advocating for Roe’s reversal while women’s rights continue to be under attack.

His policy positions have been unacceptable and his priorities backward. Instead of talking to residents about what matters to them, he talks to FOX News about what matters to Donald Trump. Zeldin has defended the President at every turn at the expense of our priorities.

I’ve been a criminal prosecutor and an elected official for the last ten years – first a Southampton Town Councilwoman and now a Suffolk County Legislator. I’ve won tough fights for my constituents, passed bills on the issues important to them – the environment, taxes, health care – and I’m ready to take my fight to the next level. I’m ready to replace an absentee Congressman and return your voice to Washington.