New York’s First District is home to more veterans than almost any other Congressional district in the country – and that’s something I’m extremely proud of. As a member of the Veterans Committee on the Suffolk County Legislature, fighting for those who fought for us is a priority of mine and one I’m proud to hold. 

In Congress, I’ll fight for the Northport VA, to ensure that this important institution, upon which our Veterans rely, has the resources and support it needs to fix the longstanding problems that have plagued it. They need to be able to update their failing infrastructure, and staff up so that our Veterans don’t face tremendously long wait times to see specialty doctors. It will be myjob, as amember of Congress, to ensure that happens. 

It is unacceptable that even a single veteran faces homelessness. These are men and women who wore the uniform of our country so we could live free. I’ve supported lowering the rate of veteran homelessness in Suffolk County and I’ll take some of the solutions we used here to Congress to do the same around the country.