I have worked during my time in local public office to keep the tax burden on Long Islanders as low as possible while providing the services our residents demand and deserve. I helped turn around the finances in the Town of Southampton, to achieve a AAA bond rating and therefore reduce the cost of government, and I have worked with County Executive Bellone to keep our County from the brink of financial collapse while holding the line on taxes.  Since I”ve been in office, County taxes for residents in my district have stayed the same, or even gone down.

When the Trump administration and Washington Republicans passed the disastrous tax reform that eliminated the SALT tax deduction that so many Suffolk homeowners relied on, I did everything I could to mitigate its effects at the local level. Then, when a bill was proposed to lift the cap, and Lee Zeldin voted against it, I doubled down on my efforts and spoke out. Lifting the cap on the SALT tax deduction will be a top priority in Congress.

Too many of our young people can’t afford to stay on Long Island. It’s a challenge I am committed to address as your next Congresswoman. I’ll work to see that there are student loan forgiveness programs for those that enter public service as I did when I myself was in Law School. I’ll fight to ensure students can refinance their federal loans just as you can a home or auto loan. And I’ll ensure we invest in truly affordable housing in and around our downtown areas, as I have throughout my public service career, so that there’s an attractive option for young people who are not ready or able to buy a home.